Trinity Love

The Orlu Diocesan Non-Profit Organization, serving the church in her call to service of the needy.

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Dedicated to living Christ’s call to take care of the poor and needy situations among us and in developing countries. Trinity-Love Inc., through community-initiated projects, serve those living on the margins of society with generosity and dignity.


Restoring, healing and building up individuals within the communities we serve. Providing opportunities for people to give back to poor communities and generously reach out to those in remote areas; who lack basic necessities. Continuing the social teachings of the Church.


A local Church with a voice and structure for serving the needs of those on the margins beyond her territories.

Programs and Services

Trinity-Love Inc., as an arm of the Catholic Diocese of Orlu, empowers young people through education and skill acquisitions. In addition, Trinity-Love, provides food for the hungry, drinking water for the thirsty, shelter for the homeless, clothing for the naked and care for the sick.

To achieve this mandate, Trinity-Love Inc. has these basic programs: education and youth empowerment, provision of health care and provision of basic needs.

Education and Youth Empowerment


Through education, Trinity-Love Inc., empowers young people to be independent. We help them to break cycles of poverty, improve their standard of living and build a future for themselves.

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Health Care Provision


Through community healthcare services, Trinity-Love Inc. helps to fill in the gaps where government is unequipped to do so; in the provision of health needs for the people. Through this program, we are succeeding in reducing high adult, infant and maternal mortality.

Hold My Walker: is another healthcare program, designed to identify the elderly and the shut-ins, and find ways of providing food, medication and care to them.


Providing Basic Needs


Give Me Water: Trinity-Love Inc. provides clean drinking water in rural communities where people have no access to clean water; thereby preventing sickness and unprepared deaths.

Give Them Something to Eat: Trinity-Love Inc. runs a food-pantry where the poor are provided with food once a week.

Roof Over the Head: Many, in the poor communities we serve, have no roofs over their heads. We raise money and build homes for the poor.

Take My Coat: We collect, buy and sew clothes that are distributed to the poor; especially poor children and their mothers.


Support our charity projects and services

To send a check, please address to:

Trinity Love, Inc

2926 19th St. NW Canton

Ohio 44708, USA


Officers and Office

Fr. Damian Ezeani 19/8/2006 Urualla

Fr. Damian Ezeani

Fr. Patrick Nwokeogu 24/8/96 Abajah

Fr. Patrick Nwokeogu

Fr. Canis Nwizu 29/11/2003 Akokwa

Fr. Canice Nwizu

Business Address

Trinity Love Inc.

2926 19th St. NW


Ohio 44708

Board of Directors

Fr. Patrick Nwokeogu 24/8/96 Abajah

Fr. Patrick Nwokeogu

Fr. Damian Ezeani 19/8/2006 Urualla

Fr. Damian Ezeani

Fr. Hyginus Agu 26/8/95 Isu

Fr. Hyginus Agu

Adamma Doris Onuwa

Lois Gregory


Doris Onuwa

Adamma Doris Onuwa

Fr. Maurice Emelu 20/8/2005 Umuchima

Fr. Maurice Emelu

Fr. Canis Nwizu 29/11/2003 Akokwa

Fr. Canice Nwizu

Fr. Luke Odinkemelu (R.I.P.) 24/8/80 Awo-Idemili

Dr. Livy Ezikeuzor